Skippin To My Lou.

I only fucked with airport trips last night.  It wasn’t deliberate- it just so happened I had JFK trips to Bay Ridge (my favorite) and then to LaGuardia.  Then, seeing the line was hella small at LGA & with time to spare on my short-haul ticket, I took someone into the city and got back to JFK in time to go back into the city.

My last trip though, I decided to attempt a “Brooklyn-cide”.  What this means is you take the road that leads to a bridge (Delancey for Williamsburg, Canal for Manhattan, Chambers for Brooklyn for example) and don’t mind picking up a passenger from there.  Oddly enough, a good portion of those people actually hailing a cab from there DON’T go to Brooklyn nor Queens though…but usually empty cabs don’t entertain picking up passengers because they don’t wanna go out of their way.  I pick up a black dude with a Yankees cap on and he’s tellin me that he’s headin to Myrtle and Spencer.  Word.

I’m at a red light and this other chick that was a block away needs a cab.  The dude actually asks if she wants to share the cab with him and because the destinations were fairly close to each other (she ultimately ended up goin to Bushwick and Boerum), she hops in.  Only reason why she did from what I overheard was because the dude was by himself.  A bit sketch sure since I’d assume 97% of females wouldn’t have done this…but when you just wanna get home you do whatever you can.  They conversed with each other for a while but I knew he lost interest as soon as she started talkin about her boyfriend.  Talkin about how they’ve been together for 12 years, BUT SHE’S 21??  That don’t add up.  Ultimately she says that they’ve KNOWN each other for that long and had been goin out for about 6 years.  Whatever tho.

I drop her off and keep the meter running.  I don’t know why, but she wanted me to wait for her and after briefly being confused, the dude tells me to drive off.  I feel him on that one- sketch city all the way.  We converse about the chick saying that she wasn’t bad lookin but she was hella young.  I joke about those different color bracelets the elementary and junior high kids wear and how they’re definitely not “friendship bracelets”.  No, it’s a sex game.  Look up “The Snap Game” if you don’t believe me ha.

Somehow, we get to talkin about basketball because he discusses that his 16 year old son plays ball.  I know that cats who play ball mainly focus on their craft and don’t worry about chicks much because they tend to throw themselves at him.  One of my best friends’ brothers played college ball and he tells me that his little brother used to play in the NBA.  His name is Rafer Alston.

Me: Say word?  You lyin.
Him: Nah deadass, I’m his big brother (shows his ID saying he’s Ramar Alston).
Me:  Haaaa oh shit.  Dude was funny as hell in the league.
Him: Yeah, he just retired last year.
DK’s Brain: The hell you doin in a cab though?  You should be livin it up in a deluxe apartment in the sky.
Him: He’s a character for sure.

Apparently, there’s a backstory behind this.  Alston had been seeing a girl & House had an interest in her.  The two were mad cool.  House at a party ends up gettin the digits of Alston’s girl’s friend.  He never did anything with the number but one night at another party, House took a picture of Rafer with another chick and sent it to his girl’s friend.  Juvenille shit.  So I guess on the court that’s what the trash talkin was about…so that’s why Alston duffed him ha.

The more I know.  The fare was $14.70 and since the chick paid her $10 already, Alston’s bro gives me a $20 and asks for $10 back.  Very nice fare.  He was a hella chill dude, and I head back to the crib.  And so on.


2 Responses to “Skippin To My Lou.”

  1. 1 damn nature you scary
    July 8, 2011 at 5:18 am

    hi. great insight on some of your posts detailing the life and sometimes hardships of cab drivers. i have a few questions

    1. are there cab drivers that rent cabs on a weekly or monthly basis with a garage or other institutions? if so, how much approximately is the rental and other related costs?

    2. are the partitions on taxicabs required?

    3. do you have any stories regarding encounters with cab drivers who has to resort to sleeping on the cab due to financial restraints (assuming that one can rent/lease a cab, or perhaps own)?


    • August 18, 2011 at 6:30 pm

      sorry for not responding quicker.

      1) yes, cab drivers rent on a weekly basis with garages or with a partner. usually it’s $600/week.
      2) partitions are required on every cab with the exception of a medallion owner who drives solo.
      3) i personally don’t have any stories; however there are some guys who do work 24 hour shifts.

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