Why I’ve Been Gone.

Not to sound like Weezy, but sorry for the wait.

Yall haven’t seen any chronicles here in a while and the reason for that is because my cab has been in the shop for the past month.  On a muggy Thursday night (July 21st to be exact)- I happened to be dropping off a passenger in Jackson Heights when the diesel fuel injector light went on.  Didn’t think too much of it for a while, although my cab began driving a bit iffy.  Next thing I know, the check engine light is also on.  The message on my dashboard told me that I needed to take it to the shop immediately.  Obviously, I wasn’t gonna be taking it to the shop at 10pm but I stopped the car for a bit after dropping off this cheapskate and turned the engine off.

It hadn’t been the best work day (3 straight short-haul trips in Queens with cheap tippers) and this was the icing on the cake.  I told myself that I was gonna try driving towards JFK one last time and if the lights came back on that I would just hightail it home (JFK is on the way to my house anyway).  On the Van Wyck Crawlway, the lights came back on and it was a wrap for the night.  It also didn’t help matters that my AC already was acting iffy, now this issue.  I had no idea why this would be the case.

It just so happened the next day was the hottest day of the year (and 2nd hottest on record).  If that’s how life was like under Precious’ armpit, I don’t ever wanna revisit it.  With my AC not at 100% there was no way I was working that day or the following day.  So I took that time to go hang out and chill.  No problem, I thought, and I would just try resuming work Sunday.

I hop in my cab Sunday evening and attempt driving to the airport.  It only takes 3 minutes this time for the light to come on.  Conveinently, this happens to me right as I’m GETTING on the highway so I break out the emergency lights.  My car is struggling to accelerate and I know this ain’t a good thing so I get off at the next exit.  When my car stops at a crawl, the engine shuts off.  FUUUUUCK.  I try starting up the car twice but to no avail.  I don’t want to flood the engine so I give it a break for a couple of minutes.  I restart the engine and crawl back home.  Disappointed I just plop into my couch and watch TV the rest of the night.

We take it into the shop and find out what I had suspected could have been the issue- somehow, gasoline was put into the car at some point which caused damage to the fuel tank and the engine.  BIG-TIME JOB.  Now, I hadn’t been to a gas station that week since my partner had gone on vacation so I was just gonna fill up the tank when the time was right.  The confusing aspect about it to me was if the car hadn’t been to a station since Monday night, why would the problem not arise until three days later?  Did I or my partner accidentally put gas when it was diesel?  Highly doubtful, because the gas stations I fill up at have distinct diesel-fueling areas.  They did also say it was possible that particles could have came in the car also, causing damage to the aforementioned items.  I don’t know.

So yeah, I’ve been MIA from work about a month and while “forced vacation” started out fine…just like with everything, you get over it quickly.  I appreciate my days off more when it’s on my terms vs. things being out of control.  Now, I have a lot of catching up to do and have to reshuffle my schedule accordingly until further notice.  Had I been working from a garage, I simply would have gotten another cab the next day and the day after, etc.  But, that’s the life of a medallion owner.  We’ll be back tomorrow, if these dealers ain’t bullshitting me.  And so on.


1 Response to “Why I’ve Been Gone.”

  1. 1 Mr. Wright 212
    August 18, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    … and we’ll be back.

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