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On The Road Again.

It wasn’t easy…but after a month of the car being in the dealership- we are back at it.

Quote of the weekend- “Isn’t Ghostface Killah on Mobb Deep?”- this chick to her guy friend.  What in tarnation?  I’m fairly certain even the baby who stopped crying when Notorious B.I.G’s Hypnotize came on knows that Ghostface is a member of the Wu-Tang Clan.  What made it worse was that she said Mobb Deep was her favorite group of all time.

Lemme find out that- You can marry your best friends.  This chick I picked up at near Zucotti Park was telling me an interesting story of how she got her best guy friend and best girl friend to get together.  Her girl friend was still in a relationship at the time but she knew that was gonna fall by the wayside…so when it did, she arranged for the two to meet up and well enough- they immediately hit it off.  They had the wedding up in the mountains & she basically was the one who ordained them.  Gave the speech and everything.  That’s pretty damn cool.  Are you an ordained minister or something?  No, but I did stay in at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

A former New Yorker’s view of chicks and NYC- “Yo…no one is touching girls from NYC..they are so bangin over here.  What it is is that you can find basically any chick you want and almost all of them keep themselves proper.  It’s harder to talk to em for sure but it’s easier to get laid.  At the very least it’s easier to find out if they’re worth your time or not.  Out in Georgia, yeah it’s easier to talk to them but you might find yourself havin to go on mad dates just to get a little something…and even that’s not guaranteed.  Man…these white girls out here all go to the gym n shit, black girls let themselves go.  It even disappoints my mom…cause I can’t fuck with these fat black chicks.”
DK’s Brain- #OccupyTheGym?

DK’s brain lock of the weekend- Seeing this dude holding his stomach with his lesbian female friend…yet I picked them up anyway.  Pukage was inevitable.  Fortunately the dude (mostly) dry heaved out the window.  Her effort in trying to clean up the mess?  Using her water bottle as a “hose”.  What the fuck?  (cue Drake) Youuuu cannnn doooo betterrrrr.

Why the divorce rate in America is 50%- This chick who works at this bar Traffic was telling me about this dude who had gotten ASS IMPLANTS.  The hell?  It’s a Tennessee Volunteers bar from what I gather and he comes in every weekend…letting people smack his ass so they know it’s real.  The decision though wasn’t his to make, his wife wanted him to get some.  Or, his ex-wife.  They broke up about two weeks after the surgery.  Might’ve had something to do with her being unable to get on top while the ass was healing, nobody knows.

And so on.


My Volkswagen Nightmare.

See, here’s the thing right?  I love having a Volkswagen Jetta TDI Sportswagen.  I really do.  It’s much more fun to drive than the Toyota Sienna van I used to have.  The only problem with it though?  It’s constantly at the shop.  It reminds me of Bob Sanders (my football fans know whom I’m talking about)- playing at a high level when healthy but more often than not dealing with injuries.  Can this car withstand the rigors of the NYC streets and be a viable cab over the course of 6 years?  So far the answer is a resounding no.

The cab has already needed to get its entire engine replaced.  The dealership claimed that gasoline got into the engine, thus damaging it; however I had a tough time believing this to be a true statement as neither myself nor my partner had ever put gasoline in a car that’s clearly a diesel.  He fills up at a Shell, while I fill up at a Hess.  Hell, the Hess gas station has separate pumps for gasoline and diesel so that’s dummy-proof right there.  After telling them this, they then attempted to place the blame on the gas station(s) citing that maybe the fuel from there might have gotten contaminated and/or mixed up.  Again, another claim that’s hard to believe.  With that in mind, they agreed to fix the problem free of charge under warranty and after waiting a month to get back on the road- we were off and running again.

This lasted…oh about 6 weeks.

The day after I returned from vacation on October 17th, it was a raw, rainy Wednesday.  I hadn’t driven since October 9th but refreshed and feeling like a million bucks I was looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.  I then receive a phone call from my dad telling me that my partner just had the cab stall out on him somewhere in Queens.  Immediately I’m thinking “oh shit, you gotta be kidding me” because I determined that the engine once again went out.  After getting the car towed (AAA doesn’t cover tows for taxis by the way), my dad and the partner went to the dealership to get a word as to what happened to the car.

Yep, same exact issue once again.  Same exact excuse.

Apparently they showed my dad the sample of the gas that somehow musta gotten mixed in as well as a picture.  Knowing how shady car mechanics can be, we once again couldn’t find ourselves to believe them.  How can you do a job on something and then have to get it fixed all over again?  I question how good they did the job the first time…or it’s just the fact of life- that we purchased a lemon.

Now, the manager of the dealership requested that we bring in a sample from the gas station that we normally fill up from.  Since my partner had been driving the entire week that I was gone, we went over to Shell, got some diesel and returned to the dealership with it.  The service manager then concluded that the sample was excellent and non-contaminated.  So…what does that mean?

We still have to pay out-of-pocket to get this engine fixed.  This time they won’t cover it under warranty.  Fed up with this game of he said, she said, we decided to send a report out to the Better Business Bureau.  We’ll see what happens.

Well, tomorrow morning I will pick up the car but since we had to turn in the rate card and medallion over to TLC since the cab was inactive…I cannot begin driving until Monday.  Monday is going to be a long day- we have to pick up the items, do a mile run over at the meter shop, and then get the inspection done (inspections are done every four months or so).  I have a potentially major project in the works, but it will have to be pushed back a little while longer.  Hopefully it’s not too late- more details to follow.

And so on.