I decided this year to actually work on New Year’s Eve.  I had always vowed to myself that I’d avoid working this day because of my fear that it’d be too intense for my liking with drunken idiots.  I lucked out however as no one threw up in my cab and traffic was for the most part (except around Times Square of course) light.  I even took the time out to spend a couple of hours drivin around Brooklyn as a reprieve.

I picked up my final passenger of the night on 7th avenue and 15th street after I dropped off someone on 6th and 14th.  He wants me to go to Bay Ridge, and at 530am you will not hear a complaint come from me on that one.  He begins telling me his New Year’s Eve tale:

He works for the New York Times and was working at this concert where he met this chick.  She’s from Pennsylvania, about a good 4 hour drive from NYC and they hit it off (seemingly).  They were talking for a good month or so and they agreed that they were gonna go out together on New Year’s Eve.  Cool.  So she drives all that way to meet up with him and she even packed for the overnight.  Shit should be getting real for my mans, or so you’d think.  Anyway, the two of them are pregaming, shooting the shit getting all cozy with each other before it was time for them to hit up Club Marquee.
(segue: what I’ve come to find out with NYE is that when you go to a place that has a 5 hour top shelf open bar, it’s all good from 9-12.  The ball drops and it’s still all love for about 20 minutes…but after that, if you’re planning on gettin some action you better get the fuck up outta dodge before one or both of yall get too drunk to function.)
So they get into the club and they’re having a good time.  Apparently he doesn’t have an issue with her going around dancing with other dudes since he was doing the same with the ladies.  That was his first mistake.  Granted, you may feel comfortable with her doing her thing but then she makes out with one of the dudes she’s dancing with?  Womp.  He tells me though that he didn’t mind that she made out with the guy.  What in God’s name???  You need to have some sort of backbone with that man…if I brought a date with me somewhere I don’t want her going wandering off sauntering with some other dudes, especially if I’m spending that much money.  Then he tells me later on as they were getting ready to leave the club that she makes out with ANOTHER dude?!  Weak!  Here this guy is, trying to play the role of the good dude (he frankly wasn’t even that twisted) while this chick from PA seems to have other ideas.  I explained to him that there tends to be two type of drunks.  The NYC drunk is the one who gets hammered but still has a general idea of what they’re doing & where they are. The small-town drunk however just has no regard for human life and is a walking ping-pong ball.

Anyhow, he wanted to leave the club but she seemed to have other ideas.  She actually gets mad at him because he wasn’t watching over her enough (which makes no sense but then again nothing does when you’re that intoxicated) but she’s the one bouncing all over the damn place.  They stay at the club when she meets up with these two lesbian chicks and they begin hanging out with her, talking to her, etc.  The guy is with them as well, talking to one of the lesbians while the other (who was attracted to the chick) begins talking to that girl. I find out that his date is bi-curious.  Interesting.  Next thing I know, he tells me that she left WITH the two girls.  Wait, what?  He tries calling her phone to find out where she was but they had dipped.  Somewhere.  He has no idea where they went.  They claimed that they were gonna take her to their place to get her bearings, then drive her back in the morning to his place.  Ummmm….

Mind you, her car is parked at his house and all of her stuff is still there as well.  He’s pissed, yet he’s worried about her because he knows that he was responsible for her.  I tell him that he did all he could and she was just being an idiot.  She’ll have one of those “omg what happened last nightttt” moments and she’ll call you, but YOU don’t pick up until a couple of hours later.  Then leave her a text and say that you need to talk or some shit.  Leave it at that.  He’s kicking himself for being passive, as he should have, but hey she was the one who made the 4 hour trek to come into the city.  She may have felt that she just wanted to have a bomb ass time, whether with the guy or with whomever else she desired.

I wonder what came of it.  And so on.



1 Response to “Bounced.”

  1. 1 Garon
    January 2, 2012 at 10:25 pm

    A similar thing actually happened to me once about five years ago (as in nearly exactly the same scenario), and I reacted the same way, but there was no long commute made by anyone and not near as much money was spent on the inconsiderate girl. So, I can’t imagine how much more pissed I would have been with that. I was pissed enough without it. That’s insane.

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