Holiday Blues.

Friday and Saturday nights always leave me exhausted and a waste of space the following day.  It’s worth the money though.

After dropping off some cheap bastards over on 6th avenue and 30th street…I decided to continue east.  I was planning on turning right on 5th avenue and taking it from there…when I see this chick hailing a cab and sobbing.

Her: Can you take…sniff…sob..take me to..sniff..Brooklyn?
Me: Where?
Her: Bushwick?
DK’s Brain: God damnit!
Me: Where??
Her: Irving and Halsey.

I always prefer putting the address or intersection into my GPS because you’ll have some people who will claim to direct you start blabbing on about bullshit to their friends and then blame you for missing where I was supposed to turn (like the last passenger I had).  Plus, you’re already inside of my cab and I’m not gonna be an asshole and kick you out just because you may take me somewhere where I really don’t wanna go to.

That’s besides the point though, I hear all this sobbing and shit and it’s beginning to get on my nerves so I have to make a decision.  Either hear my music being remixed by cries, or turn down the volume and get to the bottom of this situation.  My first guess was that she got dumped by her boyfriend.  Close, though:

Me: What’s wrong tho?
(20 second pause)
Her (still sobbing): My boyfriend went to this holiday party, while I went out with my girls.  He told me that he was leaving in a half-hour so I texted him back to remind me when you’re leaving so I can meet up with you so we can go home together.  He never texted me back and I find out an hour and a half later after I texted one of his co-workers that he went home…
DK’s Brain: Oh.
Me: He probably had too many drinks then…
Her: He doesn’t even drink!
DK’s Brain: o_O
Her: Do you think I’m over-reacting?
Me & DK’s Brain: Yes.  Crying though?
Her: We went to the movies earlier in the day and we went our separate ways…but then I found out that other people who were at the party brought their significant others and he never bothered to invite me (sobs).
DK’s Brain: Oh he don’t like you girllll.
Me: Well shit.  I stand corrected then, you should be pissed.
Her: Fucking right I’m pissed.
DK’s Brain: Now this…is a situation (no Jersey Shore).
Her: We’ve been together for 3 years and he’s always had communication issues.
Me: 3 years?  Shit I don’t even remember what being in a relationship for 3 months feels like.
DK’s Brain: SYMPATHY BANG!  Only kidding.

Ouch.  Unless she’s that super-clingy type (in which I wouldn’t be surprised if she was), then yeah your mans just played you.  He could have also thought maybe you weren’t down to hit up a function of his where you wouldn’t know people like that (aside from one or two people) and didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.  The fact that he did that sober though?  Hmm.

She actually stopped crying when we pulled over at a gas station since she really had to pee.  I dropped her off, got a fat $10 tip on a $25 ride since she was so grateful and I was on my way.

And so on.


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