Bloomberg, You Can’t Win Them All.

The monarch of the great city of New York, Mike Bloomberg, tried to shit on yellow cab drivers & medallion owners yet again. His plan was to institute an outer-boro taxi system by which livery cabs could legally pick up street hails in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx and in Manhattan north of 96th street. Sounds great right? An additional 18,000 permits to be sold, more transportation options for people.


Had this plan gone into effect, yeah Monarch Bloomberg would have gotten his money and supposedly this would bring $1.4 Billion into the city. The hypocrisy in all of this though is comical. You’re talking about making the city more green, yet that would have added 18,000 more cars. More cars = more traffic = more pollution. Yeah so there’s that. Then, this would have severely hampered the yellow cab industry. Why bother saving up all your money to potentially be able to get a medallion one day when you could get a livery permit for a fraction of the cost? Most importantly though, cab drivers would have been even more hesitant to go outside of Manhattan. You think it’s tough getting a cabbie to take you to Park Slope on a Friday night at 1am? Had this rule gone into effect, cabbies wouldn’t have seen a point to go there at all when they’d have to deal with double the competition upon arrival to Brooklyn. Passengers wouldn’t care if it was the yellow cab or the green cab…both would have been legal and they would’ve taken the first available option.

The biggest irony? People in the outer boros don’t mind the current livery cab/gypsy cab system as it is now. Wait outside, hail for them, negotiate a price on the spot and off you go. Yellow cabs are rarely in the Bronx and certain parts of BK & Queens because there’s no need for them already. It’s illegal but if that means they’re getting home, the cops don’t really care. Maybe once in a while you’ll see a livery/gyspy cab get pulled over in Manhattan for an illegal pick up. But hell, I’ve seen cars with out-of-state license plates driving around attempting to pick up passengers when it’s really busy out.

Your charade to fuck up the yellow cab industry failed this time, Monarch. Better luck next time. Not.

And so on.


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