T-Bone Steaks.

Not the food.  Yall can stop salivating now.  

So this past Friday night, I just finished dropping a couple of passengers off in Greenpoint.  Up to this point it had been a relatively uneventful night (save for another story in which I shall share with you soon). Being that I was deep in Greenpoint and that it was 2 in the morning, it was time to take a quick break and grab a bite to eat at one of my favorite delis over there (Greenpoint Deli Market).  I’m cruising down Manhattan Avenue when suddenly I see some car decide to blow past a Stop Sign.


You are on high alert when it comes to cars doing crazy shit and 95% of the time you can see well in advance.  Welcome to the 5% folks. I have the right of way the entire time, yet for some reason whether he didn’t see me or he felt like he could just go through, he did it. Of course your first reaction when you’re about to crash is that you tense up and brace yourself for the worst.  

In one of the odder circumstances I’ve ever seen, after the crash occurred and I was able to get my bearings…the people whom blew past the stop sign didn’t even bother to come up to talk to me and ask if I was okay.  In just about any accident, no matter the severity, you’d figure both parties would get up and talk amongst each other.  Nope…no such thing here.  I even walked up and asked if everything was okay; only to be ignored.  Okay fine.  Time to simply take pictures, call the cops to file the police report and go from there.  The driver of the other vehicle after a good 10-15 minutes finally decides to talk to me and say that he stopped, looked both ways and proceeded to go…insinuating that i was speeding.  Nah bro, you are full of shit.

Strangest aspect of it all was that the dude had 4 other people in the car with him…yet only one person stayed with him to be a witness to the accident.  The other 3 people with him walked home.  SHADY.  Lord knows if he was even driving sober. Unlikely if you’re gonna do something as dumb as blow past a stop sign on a 2-way street. Thank God it was late or else it may have potentially been worse.  Cops came, filed the police report and it was a wrap.  

In my job you typically will have some minor scrapes to the car or fender-benders.  You don’t anticipate accidents like these even tho you know it’s one of the highest-risk jobs in the nation.  Yeah my cab is fucked up and I’ll be out of commission & cash for a few days…but that’s okay.  Being alive and healthy supersedes all.

And so on.


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