Law Of Averages.

Here’s the thing…when you work in a service industry after a while, the things that used to phase you no longer do. That can explain the reason why I haven’t blogged as much as I used to. That’s the way shit works. With that being said though…last night at work I had a classic example of just how volatile the industry can be.

In 2015, the taxi industry has been slow. With the advancement of Uber and green cabs in the boros outside of Manhattan, business isn’t thriving as much as it used to. Also, people’s salaries are remaining stagnant whilst they are working longer hours…or they are living off of their parents’ allowance. All love, I can’t judge. But anyway.

I was driving down Eastern Parkway and reached the corner of Franklin Avenue when I saw this black kid hailing for a cab. He was vigorously shaking his hand hailing…which I always find suspect and I assumed he was looking for a livery cab; but I stopped for him. To be fair, I questioned my move cause I was seeking to go back to JFK…but I was also in need of money. The kid tells me where he needs to go and I take him in that direction (Flatbush and Tilden he says). I take Bedford straight down…then he tells me to make a left on Erasmus Street (a small street) then make another turn to drop him off on Tilden. When the fare comes up and he asks me how much it’ll cost, I tell him that it’ll be $9.80. All of a sudden, he decides he needs to get out and tells me to suck his dick and closes my door, running off laughing. All I could do was smirk and laugh at the L i took. Mainly cause I knew it was a bad idea to pick him up. Not to stereotype on my own people…but I was a victim of circumstance there. Only the 2nd time in my career that a fellow black man’s done that to me..but it still stings. This time, it’s not cause of how much the fare was…but because of the time wasted in doing so. I could have went to the airport and chilled instead of wasting time on a knucklehead. But hey, it’s a part of the business and if it helps him sleep better at night that he avoided paying $9.80 that he can use to buy a 50 piece Chicken McNuggets meal at McDonalds…then God Bless.

Anyway…my night goes on and it’s not the most encouraging but it is okay. I return to Lavo Lounge (58th street between Madison & Park Avenues) and this Italian couple (or so I thought) hails me down. After they talked and the dude insisted on taking her number…he asks me how much the fare to Brooklyn will be. I tell him it’ll be on the meter. He just hands me a $100 bill & tells me to make sure I get her home safe. Of course I will…I’m not trying to sleep with any fishes. The chick tells me that she wants the change back so just to play the safe side…I start the meter (I had no intentions on doing so tbh). Within 2 minutes, this broad kicks her shoes off and lays out on my seats in the back like it’s a bed. The ride to Bensonhurst doesn’t take long on a Sunday night…about 25 minutes. Waking her up was a chore. Blasting music, knocking on the partition, etc. I’m not touching her nor trying to shake her cause as a black man…yeah I won’t be a next Emmett Till…but it’s nothing but trouble. So I call the cops to bring assistance over to wake her ass up. They come within 10 minutes or so with EMTs and get her back inside to her house safely. The one thing that bugged me was them asking me if I rang on her house’s doorbell. Yeah..a black man ringing a doorbell in the neighborhood at 2am..brilliant idea NOT. But seriously why? I kept the $100 even though the fare wound up being $43.30

At the end of the day…even after being told to suck on a dick from a dude wearing skinny jeans that made him look like he had a masculine cameltoe most likely…I still end up on top. These are the breaks sometimes. And so on.


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